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ANALIZA, Inc. is a privately held corporation dedicated to discovering, developing, and commercializing new technologies for the life sciences. ANALIZA provides integrated solutions to key applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics industries.

What we do:

Since 1997, ANALIZA has pioneered unique technologies and solutions in four key areas:

  • Automated analysis of physicochemical and pharmacokinetic (ADME) properties of small-molecule drug candidates
  • Rapid characterization of structural aspects of biomolecules such as proteins
  • Purification, formulation, and analysis of protein therapeutics
  • Discovery and screening of protein biomarkers for cancer and other diseases. Cancer diagnostics is the focus of our subsidiary AnalizaDx, LLC

We provide access to our technologies through contract research services:

  • High-quality, gold-standard assays for accurate determination of Physchem parameters, including LogD, solubility (aqueous and other), blood-brain barrier permeability, plasma protein binding and other information critical for understanding the interaction between the body and a drug candidate. We also pioneered fast, accurate measurements of physicochemical parameters such as solubility to provide key interpretation data obtained from in vitro biological assays, including safety assays such as ion channel screens. Our data are measured using patented, innovative robotic platforms that enable high-throughput, low-cost, and highly accurate results that mean the same throughout the drug discovery and development process.
  • Development of innovative simple assays for characterization of the structure of biomolecules, in particular of protein products and therapeutics. We invented techniques and instruments to provide answers to difficult questions related to changes in the higher-order structure of such products, enabling fingerprint (signature)-like assays that can be calibrated for many important tasks in quality control, characterization, lot release, and biosimilarity of proteins.
  • Development of custom solutions for large-scale protein purification processing using aqueous two-phase partitioning. These solutions enable low cost processing of large amounts of biological materials, separating the protein product from plant, cell, or bacteria matter, and are typically deployed before chromatographic purification steps.

Examples of our innovations:

  • The first automated multi-assay Physchem platform (Automated Discovery Workstation)
  • Universal Physchem workstations requiring no standards or calibration
  • The first practical solution to determination of the actual solubility limits of in vitro biological assays
  • Accurate, fast drug permeability assay without cell or other monolayers
  • The first practical fingerprint-like signature technology for analysis of the higher-order structure of biomolecules
  • Rapid technology to design and optimize protein purification conditions using aqueous two-phase partitioning systems
  • The only technology for the efficient, low-cost discovery and screening of structural changes in proteins (biomarkers) due to disease processes directly in biological fluids

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